The classical dance forms which have developed, have set rules that have been followed traditionally over the years. On the basic model, various gurus incorporate their own imaginative innovations, leading to various schools within a particular dance form. Apart from the gracious hand & leg postures & movements, the dancers have to acquire the skill of portraying various emotions faithfully in each expression on their face & each fluid movement of their hand, legs & in fact their whole body. Every part conveys some meaning in their graceful motion.

Classical Dances

India can boast of an innumerable number of folk dances, each dance forming a speciality of a particular region or tribe.

Folk Dances

The heartland of India still lies in the lakes of villages that exist in India. Simple and friendly people who lead a basic yet colourful life .

Western Dance

Known as the mecca of rich heritage and culture, India is one of the very few countries in the world that boasts of varied ethnicity and traditions.

Classic Dances Of India



Kuchipudi is also a dance-drama tradition and derives its name from the village of Kuchipudi in the Southern of Andra Pradesh.



Odissi has been revived in the past fifty years and can be considered as the oldest classical Indian dance on the basis of archival evidence.



Kathakali means a story play or a dance drama. Katha means story. Belonging to the South-Western coastal state of Kerala.



Bharatanatyam is the most popular of Indian dances and belongs to the South Indian state of Tamilnadu. Its antiquity is well established.


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