Kalbeliya Dance

Nupa Pala (Kartal Cholom or Cymbal Dance) is a ramification of the Manipuri style of dance and music. It is normally performed by male performers using cymbals and wearing white Pheijom (Dhoti) and spherical Turbans, who sing and dance to the rhythm of Pung (Mridanga). Another important characteristic of Manipuri dance is the Khamba Thoibi dance which is a duet performance of male and female dancers. Khamba Thoibi dance along with the Maibi Dance (Priestess dance), Leima Jagoi etc. from the "Laiharaoba" dance. Love of art and beauty is inherent in the people and it is difficult to find a Manipuri girl who cannot sing or dance. Generally Manipuris are artistic and creative by nature. This has found expression in their handloom and handicraft products. The Manipuri handloom and handicraft are world famous for its beautiful designs, ingenuity, colorfulness and usefulness. Each ethnic group has their own distinct culture and tradition in their dance, music, dress, customary practices and pastimes. The folk dance of the ethnic tribes captivates the beholders with their exotic costumes and simple but graceful rhythm. Khamba Thoibi Dance Khamba Thoibi dance is a duet of male and female partners, a dance of dedication to the sylvan deity, Thangjing of Moirang. Khamba and Thoibi are actually two mythological characters who have become immortal in Manipuri folklore. This, with the "Maibi" dance (Priestess dance) , the "Leima Jagoi" etc. form the "Laiharaoba" dance. The "Laiharaoba" dance , in many ways, is the fountainhead of the modern Manipuri dance form.This dance is a part and parcel of Moirang Lai-Haraoba. It is believed that the legendary hero - Khamba and heroine - Thoibi danced together before the Lord Thangjing, a celebrated deity of Moirang for peace and prosperity of the land.


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